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Imamzadeh Shahsavar

(57 رای)

Imamzadeh Monastery of Shahsavar Ghayeb, western side of Javareh village Charosh is located in Kohgiluyeh city, 12 km from Ghale Raisi and 60 km from Dehdasht city. The tomb is about 45 kilometers away from the city of Lordegan, and the inhabitants migrated to the town of Shahsavar in the city of Lordegan, due to the possibility of landslide.


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The tomb of Imam Zadeh, Shahsavar Ghayeb, is located in the middle of the old cemetery of the western side of the village of Javareh Charousa, located in Kohgiluyeh.
Javardeh village is confined to the north of the Charosh River, from the south to the village of Baliari, from the Maghreb to Mount Gol, from the east to Mount Seyilak (Ibrahim).

  • Outlook

    The Emamzadeh building has a 4 x 6 meter room, in the middle of which is a mosque in the size of 110 * 170 * 50 cm and has a pyramid cone-shaped gypsum dome. In 1173 (AD), during the period of Zandieh's rule, by the order of the sheriff of the time of the region, the repair and abandoned dome of that rebuilding, there was no repair from that date until 1347 (EHE).
    According to local elders and clerics at the village mosque in 1347 (AD), Emamzadeh came to the personal sleep of the villagers who, at his own expense, reconstructed the dome in the same style of architecture. This rebreathing has taken place, but due to the weakness of the used elements, it has fallen out again, and has remained so far.
    In the Encyclopedia of the Temple of Al-Rasul, Volume 3, by Sayyid Ali Musawinejad Souq, about this monument, written like this: "The tree's tongue, referring to regional affairs, is one of Sada'at with Alavi's grace, which is credited with credit Imam Zadeh Mahmood (AS) (Seyyed Mohammad) has moved to this region to promote the religion of Islam.
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    : The people who live in this village are from the districts of Sadat, Tawissi, and Hossein Shahi, Chinane, Amalah, Gandhi and Misfahani, which have been replaced by the "Tash Tayyeb" for more than two hundred and fifty years ago. Who have left the region due to social conquests and migrated to the suburbs of Behbahan and Takhan.
    Next to this monument, two martyrs of the Iraqi imposed war on Iran have been buried in 1359, the martyr "Salar Arshia" and the martyr "Isa Khazand", which during all time there are many pilgrims of the Shahsavar Imamzadeh near the village of Javardeh. Kohgiluyeh is located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province

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