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International Gavkhuni Wetland

(44 رای)

Gavkhuni International Wetland, also known as Gavkhoni Swamp, is one of the attractions of the central Iranian plateau tourism, a large part of which is located in Isfahan province and the rest is located in Yazd province. This lagoon has rich biological resources and is a refuge for migratory birds, which is considered as one of the attractions of the province of Isfahan.

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  • Address : Isfahan Province - Central Plate of Iran

Gawkhoni Lagoon is one of 19 international wetlands, and many Gavkhoni experts are considered the bride of Iranian wetlands. But in the past 10 years droughts and lack of water in the province have caused the drying of this international wetland.

  • Outlook

    Gavkhoni wetland covers an area of 476 square kilometers, its height from the sea level is 1, 470 meters and its maximum depth is 150 centimeters.

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