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Iranian Art Garden Museum

(33 رای)

The Garden Museum of the Iranian Art was designed by the Cultural-Art Organization of Tehran Municipality and was inaugurated in the winter of 2006. Apart from enjoying the pleasant ambiance of the Garden Museum, visitors can view a wide variety of artworks, gain artistic experience and increase their cultural information.

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  • Iranian Art Garden Museum
  • Iranian Art Garden Museum
  • Iranian Art Garden Museum
  • Iranian Art Garden Museum
Iranian Art Garden Museum Iranian Art Garden Museum Iranian Art Garden Museum Iranian Art Garden Museum مشاهده گالری


  • Price : Economic
  • Hours of work : 9:00-21:00
  • Address : No 30, Dr Hesabi St., Tajrish Sq., Tehran, Iran

It measures around one hectare and is constructed using the architecture of Pahlavi dynasty. In this place, the old beautiful trees, miniature waterways, fountains, beautiful monument models, and symbols of Islamic Iranian architecture surrounded by green areas, all turn every head.

  • Background information

    Built in 1932, but opened as a museum in 2008
  • Specific information

    The Garden Museums general setting provides suitable opportunities for holding training workshops in such fields as drawing, miniature painting, calligraphy and sculpture during periods of favorable climatic conditions.
    The artworks in the Garden Museum can be divided in two general groups.
    The first group includes replicas of ancient national monuments, the precious cultural heritage of Iranians ancestors as well as a permanent display of contemporary works of art in wood and metal.
    The second group comprises works that can be displayed in open air areas, in the galleries and on the garden walls for limited periods of time.
  • Recommendation

    The Garden Museum’s coffee shop also offers a breakfast menu with different hot and cold drinks. It has a wide open space and a beautiful perspective. However, the breakfast buffet is very much similar to that of hotels and compared to the quality, the prices are, of course, steep.
    The café offers breakfast service from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. You can also use the tables and chairs which have been set up around the garden. The breakfast is offered as self-service.
  • Facilities

  • More Info

    A garden is a place that always leads one to concepts over and beyond its geographical capacity, transposing one from the mundane world of reality to the realm of imagination. It thus acts like a mirror, reflecting images from the other world to the world in which we live.
    A garden museum is a place which, besides housing and displaying works of art, creates for the visitors an atmosphere of repose and exhilaration.
  • By Car Art Garden and Museum is located in Tajrish neighborhood, north Tehran. To reach there, you should take Maqsoud Beik Street and continue all the way down to Hesabi Street.

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