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Iranshahr Bampur Castle

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Bampur Castle Iranshahr is located in the north of the city of Bampur and is considered one of the most important historical castles, which unfortunately many parts of it are being destroyed. Bempour Castle is the most famous and at the same time the most important castle in Balochistan, which is built on an artificial hill in Sistan and Baluchestan province.

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The Bampur Castle of Iranshahr is located on an artificial hill at an altitude of 80 meters and could withstand the attack of the largest military squad in the same strategic position.
The similarity of the castle of Bempour with the Sassanid era buildings, including the castle of Kerman and the castle of Bam, shows that the original construction dates back to the Sassanid period.
Bampur Castle has been threatened and damaged at various times and damaged, but Bampour Castle is still standing and standing firmly in Iranshahr due to various events.
In addition to being strategically located, Bampur Castle is just 2 km away from the Bampur River, which has given it an interesting location.

  • Background information

    Bampour Castle was considered the most solid shelter in the past, and it was a very long time center of the Kerman and Baluchistan government. According to archaeologists, the castle dates back to Sassanid and Parthian periods, although Balochistan people believe that the castle was built by Nader Shah Afshar, and although Nader Shah allowed to build a castle in the Bampur area to Nasir Khan Brahui, But the building of Bempour Castle is much older than it is. It should be noted that in 1960, a British paleontologist explored a part of the downhill hill below the Bampour Castle and acquired works from the early days of history.
    The Bampur Castle of Iranshahr was used during the rule of the Seljukites and it was blocked and closed at various times, especially during the Qajar period. In 1257, with the rebellion of the Aga Khan and the support of Muhammad Ali Khan (ruler of Bampur), Habibullah Khan Shahsun (Amir Artillery of the Qajar Army) raided the castle, causing serious damage to the castle, but not completely destroyed. In 1307, a military force headed by Ammanullah Khan Jahanbani castle was shot and made the castle a ruin.
  • Specific information

    Bampur Castle is made in two pieces, and these two parts are not alike in height. The courtyard is located at the entrance to the eastern wall of the castle and surrounded by several towers. There were stables of horses and an underground road to escape from the siege during the possible capture of the castle. The upper part of the castle is the site of the citadel and ruler. The height of the hill from the bottom of the hill was higher so that the infiltration into the citadel for the invaders due to the steep and steep hills has been a difficult task.
    Inside the fortress of Bampur, Iranshahr, a row of chambers attached to the castle wall are considered for various affairs.
    There is also a deep well within the castle, which is still not filled after several years. In the past, inside a well was a paved enclosure that had a hole to cross the fortress during the encirclement of the castle by enemies.
    The materials used in making this castle are raw clay and clay.
  • Outlook

    Materials used in the fortress of Bampur Iranshahr are clay and clay clay that have been constructed on an artificial hill. The western and eastern walls have cylindrical towers at each end. Of the four turret observation booths, only two turrets remain at a height of 2 meters. Within the castle, a row of rooms adhered to the castle wall are considered for various affairs. There is also a wellbore inside the castle. The height of the artificial hill where the fortress is located is 80 meters.
    The Bampur Castle of Iranshahr consists of three parts: 1. The end section consists of the main walls, the entrance and exit doors, and several tall towers for protecting the fortress. 2. The middle part, which is the location of the residential houses and It was also a tower. 3. The upper part was special for the commanders and ruler of the castle, and the most important role was the observation of the towers of this section due to the high altitude. There is a deep well in the upper part of the upper part, which is now not full after several years. In the past, inside the well was a paving stone with a hole for passing the castle forces during the encirclement of the castle by enemies to the outside, which is currently blocked due to the movement of sands and the passage of time, but the well remains intact. . Its eastern and western walls are spaced far apart and are closer to each other on the south side, and the south side is actually the smallest side of the castle. Each side had a cylindrical tower that had ten towers. The largest tower of its diameter is eight feet and the ball is in this place. The main wall covers all the rooms. In the courtyard of the south yard, a row of rooms and above the ruined wall, there are several rooms. In the upper part, which is called the citadel, several rooms are in a row with each other and are surrounded by outside windows.
    The Bampur Castle is divided into two parts in terms of height: 1. The lower court is the entrance door and is located on the eastern side and has several towers. At the entrance to the entrance door of several rooms. Inside the bottom of the courtyard there is an underground space where the crater is similar to the well that was probably used by the well through the well.

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