Isfahan Shahrzad Restauran

(70 رای)

Shahrzad Restaurant in Isfahan is a cool place for a small party, dinner or lunch with family, foreign guests or special guests, is a formal meeting or a good meeting.

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  • Address : Esfahan, Chahar Bagh Avenue, 1st Street Abbas Abad

The cuisine of this restaurant is Persian, Italian, Turkish, and Greek, Asian and Southern, with a capacity of 350 people.

  • Background information

    Shahrzad Restaurant was established on April, 1346.
  • Best time

    The reception is open from 11:30 in the morning until 10:30 a.m.
  • Facilities

    Shahrzad Restaurant Features:
    Restaurant main hall
    The restaurant number 2 is dedicated to celebrations and parties up to 120 people
    Persian and Western cuisine
    Delivering food outside the restaurant to respectable customers
    Possibility to carry and deliver food on request
    Possibility to provide meals for parties and parties outside the restaurant with amenities

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