Jahan Gostar Restauran - Isfahan City Center Branch

(72 رای)

Jahan Gostar Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Isfahan, which offers a varied menu of international and international cuisine, delicious and delicious food and the highest quality food according to the standards of health of this restaurant. Has become one of the most popular restaurants in Isfahan.

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  • Hours of work : 11am to 23pm
  • Address : Isfahan, Shahid Da'järdie City Center - Third Floor

Some features of the Janggar Restaurant facilities include Internet Wireless Internet Access - Coffee Shops - Promotional Gifts - Parking - Card Reader - Telephone Ordering - Boarding House - Online Food Order and ...

  • Background information

    This restaurant was established on December 19, 1989.
  • Must know

    15% of the service right + 9% value added to the menu will be added
    In addition to grilled foods, a special sandwich is served.
  • More Info

    The restaurant in Isfahan has 3 branches and its main branch is known as City Center.

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