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Jajrud protected area

(36 رای)

Jajrud protected area Located on southern slope Alborz Mountain range in Tehran Province, This 55118 ha area was designated protected area in 1982. the jajrud river flows in this mountainous rolling land whereas the Rudehen river forms the eastern border of the area. 

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The exceptionally high biodiversity of region is its characteristic feature. The adjacency of the region to Tehran has also given the area pronounced importance. 512 plant and 192 animal species have been identified in the region.

  • Specific information

    Astragal and wormwood are the dominant plant species of the region.
  • Outlook

    plants include Turk terebinth pistache, juniper, mountain almond, berberry, acanthofyllum, noea, Crataegus melanocarpa, and blue-bottle. The main animal species of the region are Alborz red sheep, leopard, wild goat, goitred gazelle, hyena, wild boar, caracal, cape hare, chukar partridge, see-see partridge, sandgrouse, green-headed duck, teal, hoopoe.
  • Recommendation

    Adjacency to Tehran metropolitan, numerous access roads, high biodiversity, beautiful landscapes, rivers, frequent spring, and the historical monument of ghal-e Dokhtar have paved the way for tourist, scientific and research activities in the region.

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