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Jametarood Raghzar chah

(6 رای)

Jametarood Raghzar chah 40 km north of the city of Trojd, 70 km south of Shahroud city and in the vicinity of Abadi, with the same name in Semnan province. Although this area can be evaluated in the context of hilly and relatively warm and dry weather, but due to the presence of the Alborz Mountains in its northern part, the effect of the climatic conditions in the northern region on this area is also an undeniable issue. Is.

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  • Address : Semnan - Shahrud - Throud city

The Cup of wellhead is about 8 km long in the east-western direction and about 5 km in the north-south direction.
The existence of a evaporative-salt-water basin of the Caucus shows the specific climate conditions of the area. The reason for the formation of such a reformation in this area is the presence of Haj Ali Gholi Damghan desert in the west of this region and southern highlands.

  • Specific information

    Due to the presence of special weather conditions, low rainfall, abundance of salts in subsoil waters, lack of surface currents and finally specific lithology facies, this area has poor vegetation in desert areas. The plant communities of this region can be found in the shrubs and rarely see the scanbill. Gaz and shrubs are the dominant vegetation of the region.
    Due to the rich vegetation of the region and the presence of water resources, animal cover is also rich in it. The animal cover of the area are: snakes and scorpions, hawks, hobbies, quebecs, desert horseshoe, kale, flies, chives, desert sorghum, golden eagles, vultures, wolves, jackals, sand foxes, sand castles, rock grass, jard , Toothbrushes, Rats, Types of Agama and Jacko.

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