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Jasouj Museum

(59 رای)

: Yasouj Museum, with its works and evidence, is shining with the culture of this part of the Iranian border and canopy like Neghini in the heart of Dena's uprisings.

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Metal objects include metal containers such as bowls, jars and pots, military tools such as daggers, swords, arrows and decorative tools such as beads, earrings, rings and bangles, as well as Sassanid and related coins For kings like Khosrow II and coins of the Elymay period and several beads from the Sassanid period.

  • Background information

    This precious treasure that was opened on April 28, 2003, with an area of about 150 square meters, is located on the second floor of the Cultural Heritage of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed Province.
  • Specific information

    : One of the most prominent objects held at the Yasuj Museum is a piece of the prominent Shapur I Sassanid excavated on the rock. In the Yasuj museum, objects from the Islamic period include early coins of Islam, Safavid and Qajari coins, Chinese blue and white dishes, and other objects such as daggers and gunpowder.
  • Outlook

    Among the other objects of the Yasouj Museum, one can mention the precious stones called the Karaj River, the decorative or religious aspects of which were of great importance to ancient Iranians. A total of 270 exhibits have been exhibited at the Yasuj Museum, and this museum is one of the prominent examples of a local and indigenous museum. The museum also consisted of an archaeological section, and exhibited objects were discovered mainly in archaeological excavations from the smugglers of antique objects and include three archaeological periods prior to the history of the historical period and the Islamic period.

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