Kal Changal Khosef Stone Rocks

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Kal Changal Khosef Stone Rocks is located along the same name in the Baghran Mountain range, 35 km southwest of Birjand near the village of Zamanabad from the central part of Birjand.

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Kal Changal Khosef Stone Rocks paintings contain eleven inscriptions and two images, only seven of which are currently inscribed. Pictures and inscriptions are hacked sparsely on rocks.
Some inscriptions only consist of one row and some of the several rows. There are two stones in the collection, one male bust and the other showing the scene of a lion's man.
Regarding the way of makeup of the face, hair and the type of clothing, it can be said that the collection of inscriptions and carols of the Kal Jangal belong to the Parthian period.
Windmills Mesina in Tabas: Windmills Mesina in Tabas is located in the city of Tabas Mesina, located in the city of Darmian. The difficult natural conditions of the desert regions and the desert edge of Iran have led the people of the marginal lands to use their creativity and creativity to take advantage of natural factors and conditions.

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    Windmills are among these creations, which are seen in most parts of southern Khorasan, especially those affected by the 120-day winds of Sistan. In the definition of a windmill, it can be said that an asphalt is an architectural structure that uses wheat wind energy to Adverts. The Hazmysina windmill is built in two floors. The ground floor includes a limited space for storing flour and accumulation of wheat. Which ends up with a series of stairs to the upper floor. The second floor is enclosed in three directions with walls of mud and mud, and the side where the wind enters is without a wall. Wooden blinds that are attached to a vertical axis rotate in the wind and cause the axis to rotate and at the bottom of the windmill stone. The construction of this windmill is made of mud and mud materials and belongs to the Qajar period.

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