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Karaj Pearl Palace (Shams Palace)

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Pearl Palace is the name of a Pahlavi historical monument located in Mehrshahr district 12 of Karaj Municipality. Karaj Pearl Palace was designed and manufactured by Wesley Peters and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation for $ 1 million.

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  • Address : Karaj-Mehrshahr- Palace of Pearls

Karaj pearl palace was built on a land of 111 hectares with a 2,500-meter-long base between 1345-47 in Mehrshahr of Karaj, Eram for the residence of Shams Pahlavi. The main structure and palace plan is to pour a fish table that has covered the oyster. All architectural spaces under the ceiling with a spiral shape and with various luminaire and pearl beads are executed. On the northern side of the palace and on the outskirts of the lake are also designed and executed in the form of fins

  • Background information

    Before the 40s, the area was composed of several villages, including Hossein Abad Afshar. Shams Pahlavi, sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, a former Shah's husband, was chosen for life due to asthma, and the Pearl Palace was designed and built by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.
    After the revolution, the building was given to the Mostazafan Foundation and then to the Cooperative Foundation.
  • Specific information

    The Pearl Palace (Shams Palace) was built by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the world's greatest architects, and is one of the masterpieces of architectural architecture.
  • Outlook

    One of the most important parts of the Karaj Pearl Palace (Shams Palace) is the shell of the oyster, which has various decorations, especially its outer appearance, which is shaped like a snail. In the design of the outer space, the small lake surrounds the palace and added it beautifully.
  • Recommendation

    Karaj Pearl Palace (Shams Palace) includes numerous spaces including Golden Bar, Shams' Office, lounge, cinema hall, billiard room, swimming pool, water craft, rarities, bedrooms, etc.
  • More Info

    The Karaj Pearl Palace complex (Shams Palace) was used until recently as a museum used by the martyr Fahmida recreational camps complex. This work was listed in the National Register of Persian Literature in the year 1382. In the year 86, the Mostazafan and Veterans Foundation sold and surrendered to the municipality of Karaj in an illegal operation in one of the official documents. But several months after the coming of the eleventh government and on May 1, 1993, the decree was handed over to the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Bureau of the Alborz Province, with the order of the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Karaj.
    By re-appropriating the cultural heritage of 30 acres from the area of this collection, which includes the main palace, the cultural authorities of the province of Alborz, announced plans to rebuild this work, which has been largely destroyed during its years of neglect. The promise of the public visit of this unique building, after the emergency reconstruction, has been given by the officials of the Cultural Heritage Organization.

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