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Kaveh Kaboodan Urmia

(51 رای)

In the northeastern part of Lake Urmia there is a fairly large desert that is forming around the desert. In the northeastern corner (at a distance between the Sharifkhaneh port in the north, the Dashkan province in the south), after the lake, there is a vast desert plain eastward to the nearest Tabriz. People around the desert are called dandruff and swamp.

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The area of the desert is over 15 thousand 900 square kilometers, and its area is approximately 848 square kilometers exposed to the outbreak of the lake. The longitudinal axis of the desert is about 50 km and its direction from northeast to southwest. Its average width is 32 kilometers. The absolute altitude of the desert is 1300 meters in the eastern corner and the desert center, which is about 25 meters lower than the eastern part, is about the sea level. Lake overhang 1275 meters. Kaboodan Desert has created the most striking contradiction not only in the Uromiyah Basin, but also throughout the entire territory of Azerbaijan.

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    The current waters of the rivers that originate from the eastern highlands (Sahand Tudor) flow continuously into the lagoon and flow directly near the lake or coastal swamps near Azarshahr. In this way, no river will reach the desert level from the east. The rivers flow from north to south, before reaching the desert on the surface of large conifers, they are divided into several branches and are used for irrigation of gardens and arable land. The waters of all rivers that reach the area from the north and northeast are large amounts of salt. Aji Tea is the largest river in this basin, cutting some salt domes in its path, most of all, in the formation of saline soils and even superb lake salinity.
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    On the west side of the bank, the lake covers the siltstone, salt and clay of the region and, due to the low permeability of the surface waters, has caused swamps and salvation in the area. One of the relatively lush rivers in the Uromiya Lake basin. From this river, 12 streams split into the Bonab plain and most of the villages in this area are liquefied. The excess water flows through the village of Qaraqiq to Lake Urmia. Due to its low permeability, the villages of this village can not pass all the waters. As a result, most of its lands are marshy. The area of the Maragheh plain and Bonab Taama area is about 340 square kilometers, of which about 40 square kilometers is a swampy basin. Landscaped lands around Orumiyeh Lake, which are about 40 square kilometers, are worthless in terms of agriculture and water reservoirs.
    The side of the Ajab Lion's plain is about 80 square kilometers in size, which is 10 kilometers from that swampy basin. The Malek Kandi area is about 380 square kilometers, of which 80 km is a swampy land and the rest is a usable agricultural land.

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