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Kavir Regig Gen

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Kevir Regigan is known as the most mysterious and one of the most scary regions in Iran, and is located in the southwest and west of the Kavir plain. There are sandy hills and salt marshes in the Quiryir district, which is also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Iran.

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  • Address : Isfahan Province - Desert Rig Jen

Rig Jen area is located in the central geographical area of the center of Iran in the western part of the desert central or desert desert. From north to Semnan military road to teachers, mountainous mountains of sulfur, Garmsar city, west to Desert National Park, Nakhjir Highlands, Kohleh Talha , The devil of the mountain, the mountain of the dark and the darkness of the darkness, is bounded from the east by the Jundag axis to the teachers and from the south to the Anarak axis to the shepherds and the mountain of Mollaadi (the great mountain). The ridge of the jungle extends from northwest to south east and covers an area of about 90,000 square kilometers.
The use of the word Pigeon in this region creates the impression that this area is completely covered by sandy soils, called the local ripeness, while the main part of the jug is covered with salt marshes and plain deserts. The huge masses of active sandy hills and vegetation that cover the vast area are called the citadel, called "sweat" in Arabic, and it is known in Persian as sandstone or "pebble". Under the construction of the Rig Jin is an eroded plain, which currently occupies the sand hills of the Balkh, Cyrus (Pyramid), Saif (Swords) and Sylak (Longitudinal).
The average height of the igneous pit in the southern, eastern and western parts varies from 700 m to 720 m (with the exception of sandy hills) and decreases in the north bed to 680 m. The same elevation in the northern regions and high groundwater levels in the area have caused the formation of wet clay or salt marshes in the area.

  • Specific information

    This area is also mentioned in the beliefs of the indigenous peoples of the desert, as a curse land. They believe that evil spirits rule in this mysterious land, and so anyone who steps into the gorge of the river is swallowed and no longer returns.
  • Outlook

    Rig Jeannets are expanding mainly in the southern, central, and southeastern parts of the country. The gathering of rivers from the southeast area near the village of Hemmat Abad in the eastern northwest of the shepherds (Isfahan province) begins as a narrow wall in the western direction, which refers to the region "Dah Rig Jen".
    Moving to the west, this sandy wall extends to the main body of the sand community of the Pebble Jingle. The width of the wall in the Zervand area (the beginning of the sand dunes) is about 500 meters, and in the westernmost part of the pelagic area is about 40 kilometers. In the north and northwestern part of the tail, the sandy walls are separated from each other, and are separated from each other by the fingers of an open palm in the direction of the north and northwest. These sandy walls ride about 70 to 90 kilometers northward, and again create branches like the branches of a tree, increasing to twelve walls in the orbit of 34 degrees and 12 minutes north. The walls of these walls are covered with dense deserts called valleys.
    5 main sandstone walls are about 10 to 20 kilometers in length, and the highest sandstone in the fifth wall (the easternmost wall) is located near the pond body, with a height of about 120 meters from the bottom of the desert. The walls generally have a slender shaft on the eastern side and a steep slope on the west side. This factor indicates that the dominant wind is in the eastern orientation of the west. At the ends of the sandy walls in the north of the pond, among the wet clay deserts, there are scattered sandy mountains.
  • Must know

    In order to travel to this area, it is necessary to save food, water, gasoline and technical means of motor vehicle for at least 15 days. Do not forget about the map, because it's very dangerous to travel to Peggy. The most important thing is that if you have never traveled to the desert and are not so-called professional, for the first time, you will not be able to eliminate the fairy tale. Even if you are a professional, be sure to travel to the area collectively.

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