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Kerman Reagan desert

(60 رای)

Kevir Reagan is located at the end of the southeast of Kerman province, near Reagan, and is located in the northeast, in the vicinity of South Lut or Lut Zangi Ahmed.

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Kerman's Kerman region is desirable in terms of sex and color with other Iranian objects. The color of the background is brighter than other Iranian artifacts, the source of which is probably the rock form of it. Rivers has a western-eastern boundary and the distance from the west to the east is about 20 km, and north to south it is at most 4 km. Rigas is surrounded by many villages in the Reagan area and threatens to extend the lives of villagers. The highest elevation of the sand dunes of the region is about 75 meters.

  • Background information

    Reagan desert of Kerman is one of the habitats of Persian tail-lizard that is in danger of extinction. Persian lagoon lizard was reported about 147 years ago by a scholar named "Stretch" 60 kilometers south of Khosf on the edge of the Lut desert. The species was also described by Bolanhege around Reagan 134 years ago. Over the course of more than a century, Persian lagoon lizard was re-discovered by an interested student in the Saifuddini plain, located 65 kilometers south of Reagan.
  • Specific information

    : One of the most valuable natural areas of Kerman province is forests in this region. This forest reserve is the largest forests in Iran with an area of 30,000 hectares and is one of the most important animal habitats in Kerman province. One of the most important applications of this extensive forest is the stabilization of sand in the area and the prevention of desertification, so that the survival of many of the eastern Kerman population centers is dependent on this forest. In the meantime, human factors, as well as drought and dehydration, have caused irreparable damage to the Reagan forests in recent years, which required the management and attention of the authorities to preserve the survival of this unique forest. These trees are such that they can survive at low peaks, and this is the main advantage of the treetops.
    Due to its specific leaf structure in dry and rainy seasons, this plant is able to absorb moisture through the leaf. The average rainfall is about 50 mm in the forests of Rehagan and Rehang Desert.
  • Recommendation

    The region has health benefits
  • Facilities

    The number of pavilions, the installation of a sanitary facility and the establishment of a suitable route for access to the hills near the village of Ali Abad behind the Rig, 13 km from the city of Reagan, are the amenities of the region.
  • More Info

    Persian lagoon lizard in the eastern part of Iran's central plateau, southwestern Pakistan, and southern Afghanistan live in desert and semi-desert habitats in the plains of the rivers, with pebble and rocky vegetation, shrubbery. These warm and sunny days are operating mid-day and the nest includes drilled underground holes. In adult specimens, vegetarians are seen and reported to be 7 to 10 eggs a year. From the wildlife of the region, you can mention sandy foxes, sand castles, hobbies, bay bug, types of agama and geckos, shaheen, jard, pamswaki, two legs, chicken right, sorghum desert and ...

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