Khany - Kabiri Khoy Museum

(59 رای)

Kabiri Khoy House or Kabiri Museum is one of the oldest and most valuable historical works of Khoy city located on the Taleghani street of this city on Amir Alley.

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Kabiri House is located in the middle of Khoy's old texture and on the northern side of Amir Alley. The owner of this house was the late Hajj Mirasma'il Kabiri. For this reason, this house is known as the Kabiri House.

  • Specific information

    In the north and south of the courtyard, two buildings are located in two floors. The interior of the first floor of the building is completely decorated, and only in the hall there are stuccoes, but the second floor hall, which is considered a significant part of the building, is decorated with flowers and plants, and has beautiful artistic colors with colored glass. This building was built at the time of Muzaffar al-Din Shah Qajar and is among the wall painting of the first floor hall of the 1282 solar year.

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