Khaqani Park of Tabriz

(43 رای)

 Bustan Khaghani Tabriz is one of the most beautiful gardens in the Tabriz metropolis, which was built alongside the Kaboud Mosque and the Azerbaijan Museum, and thus has a cultural aspect.

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  • Address : Tabriz, Imam Street - Not reaching the saat Square - next to the Kaboud Mosque.

  • Background information

    In the past, in the western and southern plains of the Kabud mosque, there was a garden and a monastery, which was the site of the worship of the jurists and the saints of Sufis and Mashayekh. Due to the 1193 moonlight earthquake, the mozafariyeh mansion and the mosque were completely destroyed, and the courtyard of the manzahriyya mansion became a ruin cemetery. Some of the dead were buried in the Tabriz earthquake, until the cemetery in 1308 was made by Mayor of Tabriz, Mohammad Ali Khan Tarbiat, as a garden and urban public parachute. The people of Tabriz at that time, because of the bone of the dead of that earthquake in the garden, named the garden as "somokiuli Bagh" meaning "Bagh-e-ostokhanha"
    In the year 1336, in the same place, the Jahanshah primary school and the Azerbaijani Museum were built. The name "Jahanshah school" was renamed "Mossadegh school" in the early 1979 revolution and then renamed "Farsi tribal school"; however, since the school was worn out, with the agreement of the Tabriz municipality and the provincial Education Directorate in 1380, the school grounds Park and Khaqani Park and the famous Khaghani statue of the famous Azerbaijani poetry was installed in this park and park.

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