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Khara (Kavir Varzaneh)

(51 رای)

): Kavir Khara, known as Kavar Vazneh, is one of the provinces of Isfahan Province, located 100 kilometers east of Isfahan and 150 kilometers west of Yazd. Kavir Khara, which is known as Kahir Varzaneh among naturalists, is one of the provinces of Isfahan province, located 100 kilometers east of Isfahan and 150 kilometers west of Yazd.

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  • Address : Isfahan Province - 100 km East of Isfahan - Varzaneh

Desert Jara from the east to Gavkhoni Lagoon, north to Varzaneh and Zayandeh Rood, south to Hassan Abad and west to Hassan Abad's communication axis to Varzaneh. It is from the Zayandehrud margin and the starting point of the rivers is to its end in the southwest of Gavkhoni lake about 45 km and its width in the northern region is about 35 km, which decreases this width in the southern direction. In the south, this width is 500 meters.

  • Specific information

    The vegetation of the region is very rich due to the humidity of the Gavkhoni wetland. The vegetation cover is mainly vegetable and scabbly shrubs. There are also numerous shrubs, shrubs and other sand-like plants in the rivers. In the desert areas, there are desert shrubs and rarely shrines. There is no special vegetation visible on the peripheral sandy wall.
    The animal's area has been very rich in recent years. But in recent years, due to the drying of the Gavkhoni wetland, there has been no hunting and destruction of habitat of its riches. Currently, there are visible animals in the region such as Jackals, Sandy Foxes, Jared, Toothbrushes, Shaheen, Desert Sarghope, Sandy Cats, Horned Horseshoes, Marigolds, Snakes, Snakes, Scorpions, Rabbits and Thorns.
  • Outlook

    Desert Jara in the southern part turns into 2 south-eastern sandy walls, and between these 2 walls are alkaline calcareous soils. The two walls connect to the southwest of Gavkhoni Lagoon and form a single wall in the northern southern direction.
    In this area, due to different winds, different forms of sandy sandstones, including long sandy hills, crescent sandy hills and sandy pyramids, are unique in their country. The area is about 17,000 hectares.
  • Must know

    This facility is located on the eastern side of Hasan Abad's link to Varzaneh. From this, 5 km south of Varzaneh to Hassan Abad can be accessed to the western areas of the river. To reach the eastern part of the city, it can be crossed through the sand, or from the city of Varzaneh continued the southern border of the Zayandehrood River to the eastern margin of the river. These two routes are accessible only by two-dimensional cars. If you are not familiar with the area, be sure to use local guides.
  • More Info

    Desert Jara has taken its name from a village on its southern border called Jara. This area is known in recent years by this name. Other names of this area are the Varzane Desert and the Desert of Hassan Abad.

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