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Kharsang Kooh & Gizno

(70 رای)

kharsang Kooh is located in Tehran province and its name has been used in reference to many of the peaks that rise to the north of the village of Garmabdar

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  • Kharsang Kooh & Gizno
  • Kharsang Kooh & Gizno
  • Kharsang Kooh & Gizno
  • Kharsang Kooh & Gizno
Kharsang Kooh & Gizno  Kharsang Kooh & Gizno  Kharsang Kooh & Gizno  Kharsang Kooh & Gizno  مشاهده گالری

Kharsang Kooh include only two peaks:
1) Kharsang Kooh #1 (west peak) 3930 m
2) Kharsang Kooh #2 (east peak, a.k.a. Gizno) 3910 m

  • Specific information

    These two peaks sit at a distance of roughly 650 m from each other (on a straight line) and are separated by a 3870 m saddle. To the south, their common slopes drop steeply down to the village of Garmabdar. To the northeast, the slopes drop just as steeply to the bottom of the Lar River Valley. To the east, #2 is connected to the high points that form the Khatoon Bargah Peak, while to the north a 3690 m saddle separates #1 from North Kharsang Kooh.
    Although #1 is the higher of the two peaks, #2 is certainly the more dramatic looking one (Maybe that is why it appears higher in many of my pictures). To the south, just below the summit of #2, you will find a rocky wall 50-75 m tall. This wall can be avoided by approaching the summit from the north.
  • Outlook

    Kharsang Kooh is usually climbed via its steep southeastern slopes above the Abnik Village (Just to the west of Garmabdar).This route apparently takes you by a couple of abandoned coal mines and a cave to reach the 3690 m saddle between #1 and North Kharsang Kooh. From there, you will head up the northern slopes of the summit of #1. These slopes, which I have descended, are quite steep and in places will require some hand and foot climbing or traversing steep snow banks, especially early in the summer season.
  • Best time

    late June/early July when there is still plenty of snow on the mountains and the lower slopes are covered with green grass and flowers

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