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Kholeno mountain

(46 رای)

Kholeno is located in Noor mountains ridgelines a sub division of central Alborz, limited by Karaj-Chaloos road from west, Gachsar-Dizin-Meeygoon road from south, Baladeh road from north and end tips of the ridges from east.

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  • Kholeno mountain
  • Kholeno mountain
  • Kholeno mountain
  • Kholeno mountain
Kholeno mountain Kholeno mountain Kholeno mountain Kholeno mountain مشاهده گالری

Kholeno actually points to two peaks on named Small Kholeno(4350m) and Big Kholeno(4387m) or call them Kholeno the small and Kholeno the great as Nader does.

  • Specific information

    Kholeno is the source of Varangroud, Lar and Laloun rivers. There is a big snow pit or a little glacier on the north face inside Sarkharsang valley.
    North-west face snow pit melts and forms a seasonal lake named Kholeno lake on the north-west face of Kholeno and south of Harzekooh(4258) the overflow makes a stream that joins Varangroud river, Varangroud river is a source for Karaj dam and Tehran`water supply.
  • Outlook

    Noor mountains are made of some almost east-west parallel 4000m+ high ridgelines. Three of them from south to north are:
    1 Kooloonbastak-..-Sarakchal ridgeline
    2 Sikno-Sechal-...-Harzekooh-Borj ridgeline
    3 Sootak-Kamankooh-...-Narges ridgeline
  • Best time

    Late spring and early autumn (June, July, September and October)
  • More Info

    Kholeno has two summits which the tallest 4375 m peak located at the north of the other with 4348 meters height. There is a dispute about Kholeno and Azadkouh, another mountain in the region with very close height, which one is taller.

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