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Khosro’s Castle is located 28 kilometers northwest of Ardebil city and 700 meters north of Koonag Qiran village.

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  • Address : 28 km northwest of Ardebil

Khosrow castle is located above a low mountain, and the Qara-Sou river flows from the three directions, the north, northeast and west of this mountain. This low mountain is called the village peoples of Shosh-e-Daghi, due to the steep slopes of its slopes and the tip of the summit, as well as the special position of Mount Peak, which has not been connected to any other mountain.

  • Background information

    This historical castle dates back to the period from 1700 to 1450 BC (new bronze period). The castle continued until the 1st Iron Age (1500 to 1200 BCE), 2nd Iron Age (1200 to 800 BCE), and Iron Age 3 (850-550 BCE)

    In the late 3rd Iron Age, the fort was completely abandoned and the castle was moved to another castle belonging to the Achaemenid period. This Achaemenid castle is located about 700 meters from Khosrow castle, which is currently under reconstruction by archaeologists.
  • Specific information

    In the previous expeditions of the exploration, the pottery from the new Bronze Age and signs of the establishment of societies with a complex social and political structure in this castle were obtained. For archaeological reasons, the complex political and social communities have been formed for the first time in the new bronze period.
    Considering that this region was invaded during different periods, especially in the Bronze Age, and in view of agriculture and livestock farming in the Bronze Age, the castles of Seventh have the role of protecting the central fortress of Khosrow and the agricultural land and rangelands of livestock .
    There is a small cemetery including 10 to 20 graves alongside the seven fortresses, with a small number of graves indicating the existence of the castles.
  • Must know

    There is an asphalt road from Ardabil city to Gandshin village. This asphalt road was created on the old road of Ardabil to Meshkinshahr and Moghan. After 26 km from Ardabil to Gondishiman village, not reaching the village of Koonag Qiran and about 1 km away by Sheikh Ahmad small river, there is a dirt road on the right side of Ardebil road. This dirt road is used by the surrounding villagers to travel to the fields and is therefore very uneven. After walking about a kilometer of this dirt road we arrive in two ways and after passing about one kilometer from The road to the left the castle is visable.
  • Facilities

    The ancient tomb of Khosrow consists of two castles and a cemetery; one of these castles is located above the mountain of Susa Gabi and the other is larger and includes the first fortress; all the mountains are covered with hot water. The cemetery is located in the southern part of Kuh-e-Shooshahi Mountain

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