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Khoy Ammadzadeh Seyyed Yaghoub (as):

(52 رای)

The tomb of Emamzadeh Agha Seyyed Yaghoub is located in Taleghani avenue of Khoy. He died in 1354 AD, and his lovers buried him at his home in a beacon alley and built a dome and a bar on it. Gradually the courtyard, porch lunations. An add-on was added to this building

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  • Address : Khoi - Taleghani Street

The building of the tomb of Imamzadeh Seyyed Ya'qub (AS) Khoi is divided into four parts after the corridor and is a part of the settlement of the village. Located on the north side of the tomb of the Sheikh Mosque, it is separated from the tomb by a beautiful graffiti window. In recent years, several other families, including Mir-Ya'qub II and the late Ayatullah Alavi, were buried near this grave.
From the decoration of the tomb of Imamzadeh Sayyid Ya'qub (AS), Khoi can be pointed to the mirror of two domes and above the border. The building of the tomb probably belongs to the Safavid period.

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