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Khoy municipality

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Khoy municipality building is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in the province of Azarbaijan, which was named as the first independent building of Khoy municipality in 1312.

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The municipality building used in the past by the rulers and elders of the city of Khoy was called a government building (municipality)

  • Background information

    This building is faced with gypsum faces and beautiful columns belonging to the Qajar era, and it can be said that the most beautiful old mansion in the city, which was located in the city until 15 years ago. The history of building, according to the inscription The one on the street at the eastern entrance of the street is about 1312 solar years.
  • Specific information

    This building is made up of two floors, with beautiful gilding and paintings, and it represents the peak of Iranian art and taste. The building is made up of two floors, with beautiful adornments and paintings, showing the peak The taste of Iranian art. The plant virtue and Western, Greek and Romantic designs used in the building are related to the late Qajar period. This building has two types of columns, which are influenced by the pillars of the Romans and The geometric period of ancient Greece.
  • Outlook

    Roofing of the masonry building is used in two types of coverings. One in the form of a steep flat cover and the other in a dome-like manner, which is the western half of the roof in the form of roofing, and also in two directions of northeastern and southeast in the eastern half-east of the roof of two domes Whose arches are close to the hollow arch, or close to the circle, which are probably covered with galvanized sheet. The work that has been placed in the tallest part of the head at the eastern entrance of the building is a branch of the flower grouped with the role of the ivy It is reflected as a mirror image. Since the building has been considered as a government building in the past, and since the ancient times, Religions were palaces and tombs, and it was thought that their passion was to eliminate harmful effects, so they used this kind of animal designs in royal and state buildings in different periods. On both sides, the role of the head of the case On top of the window inside the arches, the facade of the building has been used from flowers, leaves and buds, a variety of stems of flowers and grapes with decorative motifs, several slymi and sun and all the patterns of plaster used in the building. They have been working in the style of stucco.
  • More Info

    This historic and entertainment spot is one of the places attracting tourists with many other historic places to visit.

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