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Kirch Kerman Province

(10 رای)

Kirch is one of the four large villages of Shahdad district located in the mountainous mountainous area on the way to Shahdad-Kerman. Its distance to Kerman is 80 km and to the center of Shahdad is 25 km.

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Sirch has long been the village of Tahrir and Shahdad and its subsidiaries, Baharestan. The village stands at the height of 1550 meters in the river valley, and its population reaches more than 10,000 in summer due to its recreational position. Kirch has a beautiful landscape, covered with massive masses of trees. In the center of Kirch there are several old-timed cedars and plantains.

  • Specific information

    This settlement is covered with trees in the northern parts of the country. It has a damp, cool climate and is located on high altitudes, and its beauty is similar to the scenery of Switzerland and with the same lush and uplift. In the wet part of the Kirch River, due to the abundant water flow, a number of gardens have turned into a swamp. In this area, poplar trees, grapes, figs, cherries and cherries are planted in the hillsides of the rocky plain. Due to the low level of land, the cultivation of barley and wheat fields is low, but from a limited land and plentiful water for the construction of a garden Used. This area is one of the main tourist hubs of the province.

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