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Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Ranj mountain

(41 رای)

Ranj mountain  is three thousand and eight hundred and fifty meters high in a region between Fars province and Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad. The city of Ardakan or Sepidan is located in the north and the city of Nurabad in the west of the altitude and 50 km away from it.


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The sharp and well-marked peak tower on Shiraz road to Ardakan is located along the southern line of the Dena mountain range. In the north of this ridge, along the southern tip of the lagoon, it leads slowly to the lower mountains.

  • Best time

    Peak status in the winter: The high snow volume of May in the vicinity of the sanctuary and the severe wind on the ridge is one of the problems of the winter climb of the peak of suffering.
  • Must know

    By road to Shahrek Ardakan, not reaching Ardakan road, which, after a short time, has reached three wells and suffered a small march to the refuge (1). In front of this shelter, the cone peak is suffering. Under the summit, covered with steep slopes and rocks and walls, which as far as the northern side stretches out, they are reduced from their value.
    We will spend the night in this beautiful sanctuary, and in the morning, going north along the western bowl of the peak, we reach the northern tip of the summit (2). Then, gradually, we find suffering through a pathway in the chest of mountains to the height of the mountain, on a northwestern 3400-meter crescent (3). On the north side of the Dena mountain range and in the west there is a low altitude moshshani and on the east of the 3,100-meter-high mountains. The climb path continues along the ridge along the south, suffering from the stretching of several rocky branches to the sharp peak. The visit of Dena's Veil towers is among the most memorable and unforgettable scenery among the summer sunshine. The canyon valley is very deep. And the Saran Mountains look very scenic. From the climbing route, we return to the northern tip and then back to the sanctuary. The best time to climb to the summit is June.

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