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Lahwan Cave 2. Alborz

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Lalun Cave, also referred to as the Lalan Cave, is considered one of the natural attractions of Alborz Province, located in the southwest of Lalun Village, in the province of Savojbolagh in Alborz province. The mouth of the Lalan cave lies at a height of 400 meters inside the high cliffs.

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In the southwest of Lalun, the Savojbolag functions, there is the mouth of a cave. Inside the cave there is a sign that there is a lot of smoke, which is a sign that people are living in distant times.

  • Background information

    There is a rocky sanctuary on the northern side of the cave, in which plain Islamic glazed pottery is seen from the Seljuk and Ilkhani periods.
  • Specific information

    Lalan Cave is located at a height of 400 meters in the upper reaches of the high cliffs

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