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Lar National Park

(37 رای)

This park is an indicative example of the mountainous habitats in the western slopes of mount Damavand extending in the two provinces of Mazandaran and Tehran. the red-spotted trout is one of Irans most unique aquatic animals that inhabits the countrys freshwaters, including Lar. Lar National Park with its cold mountainous weather, rivers and streams is a suitable breeding ground for this species

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  • Lar National Park
  • Lar National Park
  • Lar National Park
  • Lar National Park
Lar National Park Lar National Park Lar National Park Lar National Park مشاهده گالری

The Lar Dam is located in the park, and is a major tourist attraction because it is just 70 kilometers northeast of Tehran. The park covers around 30000 hectares

  • Background information

    Having been protected since 1976 as an national park, this area of 27789 ha was designated protected area in 1982 and declared agin as a national park in 2001.
  • Specific information

    One of the rare species of the Salmonidae family of fish is native to this area. Other notable flora and fauna of the park are:
    Plants: liquorice, Cichorium, Thymus vulgaris, Heracleum persicum, St John's wort, borage, shallot, galbanum and multiple species of fungus
    Birds: grey partridge, cormorant, heron and eagle
    Mammals: goat, leopard, gray wolf, bear, wild boar, jackal and fox
    Herpetofauna: monitor lizard, lizard and frog
  • Best time

    spring and summer is best time for visit
  • Must know

    Since 1991 hunting has been prohibited
  • More Info

    The main vegetation cover on the slope is composed of species such as astragal, buttercup, wild iris, poppy, golden ray, succor, thyme and giant fennel, saint john’s wort, ramsons, swallow wort, park leaves, different tulips and Gramineea, shallot and asphodel.
    Juniper is the only tree species of the park. The area is considered as a summer habitat for a great number of wildlife species.
    159 animal species constitute the wildlife of the park with wild goat, wild sheep, leopard, Eurasian lynx, brown bear, common fox, wolf, cape hare, indian crested porcupine, hyena, Caspian snowcock, chukar partridge, quil, golden eagle, vulture, sandgrouse, Caspian pond turtle, lavantine vlper, horned viper and brook trout as the most important ones.

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