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Magnight Basin

(21 رای)

Magnan Waterfall, located 35 km northwest of Shahrud, is located in the city of Majn.

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  • Address : Semnan - Shahrood city - Bastam district - Mojen

A beautiful waterfall with Masga Majn, is one of the natural effects of the city of Maugen. To get to the waterfall you have to enter a cool and clear water and enjoy it with about 20 meters walking in water in a beautiful and exciting space.

  • Specific information

    The city of Magnay, due to its location in the mountainous area, is a city of impasse, and the only way to connect is the road of asphalt, which connects Majn to Shahrud and Bastam. Moghen's weather is cold and frosty in the fall and winter with heavy snowfall and moderate in the spring and summer.
    The existence of pottery and castles around the city of Magnay, as well as the old trees of Aras that are famous in the region of Sur, reflect the historic history of the area. What makes Magnan attractive for a distinguished traveler is the style of architecture and its beautiful nature. In this city, houses are surrounded by a hill on a hillside and between the two rivers of Pai Hessar and the forests that originate from the surrounding mountains.
    In sum, lush greenery and rivers make Magnan a delicious garden on the margin of the desert.
    _South Forest: From the village to the top of the waterfall, a dirt road, and of course rugged, has been built around this beautiful valley, which is about 10 km away. Alongside this path, the tall trees of the valley, gardens and lush fields, and holy cottages are very attractive. After crossing the Mangan Valley, you enter the mountainous nature of the region and you will see in the rocky gorge of the Magen Waterfall. This spectacular rocky mountain encloses the cascade in a narrow area and a cave. The beautiful Magn River, a 25-mile long seasonal river, merges with many rivers on the east and joins the Tash River.
  • Best time

    This waterfall is also very spectacular in winter, with a large number of Quebec accompanying you to the waterfall.
  • Must know

    On the Shahrud road to Bastam, after 1.8 km, there is a wide slate on the left, which is the path to the Magnan village. After 31.5 km, it reached the village of Magnan. From the village to the waterfall 12.5 km is the road, which is ten kilometers of this dirt road. At the end of this dirt road, we arrive at the waterfall park next to the waterfall, and after a few meters of walking through the cold water, we reach the waterfall.

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