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Mahdishahr sangsar waterfall

(16 رای)

Sangsar Waterfall (Waterfall Park) is one of the most expensive and modern tourist parks located in the city of Mahdishahr (Sangasar) in the city center of Mahdishahr.

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  • Address : Semnan - Mahdishahr (Sangasar) - Waterfall Park

Waterfall Park is located on the hillside named "Noon of Tasua", in the center of Sangsar. The park has wildlife habitats, outdoor cinema, two artificial lakes, 3 artificial waterfalls, a children's park and parking.

  • Specific information

    The unique features of the Sangsar Waterfall Park are that most of the park, alpine trees, trees, wildlife habitat and waterfalls are built on the hill, making it very costly.
    _Water: The alleyways and different parts of the park are connected by stairs. These stairs begin from the bottom of the park and continue to the highest part of the mountain of Tasua. There is a religious site and a monument above this mountain. In addition, due to the park's location in the city center, watching the northern part of the city and Husseinieh al-Mahdi over the mountain of Tasoa is not a blessing.
    The most beautiful scenery of the waterfall park is its artificial waterfalls, so that it flows down the mountain and goes down the steps and goes down the rocks. Arash Kamangir's Corner is also a spectacular view of the park, built by Habib Danaee, the artist of Mahdishri in the highest part.

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