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Mahi Abad Mianeh Wetland

(12 رای)

Mahiabad Wetland is one of the tourist attractions and recreational attractions of East Azarbaijan, located 20 kilometers northwest. Mahi Abad wetland is a seasonal wetland and has agricultural use and is used in migratory birds during wet periods.

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The village of Mia Hawa, located north of the city center, is located near Mount Buzqosh and dates back to the time of the Medes.

  • Background information

    The reason for naming this village and wetland is to Mae Hawa to the Medes. During the rule of the Medes, this area has had a good boom, and the city of Median was also one of the cities built at that time, and it was considered a part of the cities filled up with the heads of state and tribes of the Medes. These people needed a good place to relax and have a good time in the climate, one of the recreational spots of those days, Mahi Abad wetland, was once again setting up a rest village, and it was named "Mei Hawa" itself. It also means a place of relaxation and pleasure, and also means having proper weather.
  • More Info

    Another quote is that due to the wind blowing eastward to the west, this name has been brought to the area because most of the time in this village winds from east to west. In Turkish, this wind is called (Meh). And blowing this wind is good for farming. On the contrary, the wind is not useful for agriculture from west to east. It is unlikely that the name of this place might have been said in May Hawa because of this.

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