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Majolan Khalkhal village

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Ancient village of Mahalan with a warm people is one of the most beautiful villages in the country, which is considered to be Khalkhal, which has a lovely nature and sightseeing attractions.

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  • Address : Ardebil - Khalkhal - Functions of Shahrood section

Mahalan village is located in the mountainous area of Shahrood district of Khalkhal city and its height from the sea level is 1750 meters.
The people of Mahalan village speak Turkish. Their official religion is Islam and follow the Shia religion.
According to the 2002 census, the village of Majlan has 74 households and 258 people.

  • Background information

    The age of the Magelan village is near the end of the course. This village is one of the villages of the region that has become a village in the late Qajar period.
  • Specific information

    The location of the village of Mahalan on the way to Masullah towards Khalkhal and vice versa is one of the unique features of this village, which in addition to its texture, has put this village in one of the villages of the tourist destination.
  • Outlook

    Majalan village is located on a hillside with a gentle slope. On both sides of the mountain, water springs, known as "nine springs", flow down like a river downstream, creating a considerable amount of water at the bottom of the village. The public space of the village is covered with large trees and numerous gardens. The village passes are composed of winding alleys, all of which end to the main square of the village. The village center is the main village square. During the earthquake of 1369, a large part of the village was destroyed.
    The general structure of the houses and public spaces of the village is affected by the type of livelihood of the villagers. The houses of the villagers are arranged in the warehouse, the storage of forage and straw, the yard, the furnishings and the tenor, the bed and the rest, and the living room.
    Houses do not usually have a fence and they are directly connected with the narrow streets and alleys of the village.
  • Best time

    The weather in Mahalan Village in the spring is moderate in the summer and relatively cold in the fall and winter.
  • Recommendation

    The Mahalan village has a very natural and unique nature. Its water is a mixture of the northern and Azerbaijani waters, which is oxygen at 100 percent. Those who enjoy air therapy can use this divine blessing.
  • Must know

    Magellan with a geographical coordinates of 48 degrees and 50 minutes east longitude and 37 degrees and 14 minutes of northern latitude, is located 33 kilometers from the town of Clour (center section).
  • Facilities

    The village, with its geographical location, abundant springs and massive gardens, displays a diverse range of natural tourism features. The most important natural attractions of the village are:
    Jalalabad Ice Cream Cave located 5 km east of the village and Mount Shah Teacher with beautiful views.
  • More Info

    The village's economy is based on crops, horticulture, livestock and crafts. Cultivation, gardening and livestock of Majlan village are wheat, barley, walnut, apple, apricot and various dairy products.
    The women's clothing of the village is usually local and wearing high-flowered shirts and wearing a leather jacket called "Toman" and wearing a "scarf" or a crow in their heads. The old men of the village have a hat like a hat. The village youth generally use urban clothing.
  • Pros

    Livestock boom in the countryside has led to the growth of home-made crafts, which include socks, scarves and legs such as Jajim and Golim, among the most important handicrafts of this village.

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