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Malhadoo Cave of Beyarjomand

(58 رای)

The Malohod Cave is one of the historical caves of the province of Semnan, where monuments from the 6th century AH, related to the Ismailis, have been observed. This cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Iran that is geologically considered as one of the most important caves in Semnan.

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  • Address : Semnan - 125 km south east Shahrood - 17 km Beyarjomand - Malhadoo Cave.

Malhadoo Cave is 17 km away of Beyarjomand and is located 4 km from the road in the mountain range. The openings of the cave are carved and overlooking the entire area; water flows inside the cave.

  • Background information

    This cave was discovered by Mr. Hassan Rezvani, an archaeologist at the Cultural Heritage Organization. According to the history of the Farhang Cave, where the Hassan Saba followers were located and the mountains were chosen as a place of deployment and safe place, it is natural that they should be safe.
  • Specific information

    A Malhadoo cave or pilgrimship on a mountain range in the southwest of the village of Dezian and eastward to west along the southern part of Damghan.
  • Outlook

    This cave has an entrance opening and has a large hall and aftershops. Access to that problem is such that a person at the mouth of the cave can stop several attackers. There is also a narrow corridor in the cave of Malayedeh in Semnan. On the second floor there is a balconies like a very beautiful waterfall, where the flow of water is on it.
  • Best time

    Late spring and summer, better weather is better for caving.
  • Requirements

    If you are visiting this place for caving, it is better to have the right clothes, a cave bag, a boot, a flashlight and the necessary equipment for this recreation.
  • More Info

    In Allah's book, Alamut refers to a group of Ismaili sects under the control of Hassan Sabbah, who drove to the castle of Ghaleh and settled in the cave near the altitudes of the village in order to preserve their lives and fears of the enemies in the cave, and the group known as the monks and Later, their place of residence is known as the Cave of Meleaddin, which is called the Malhadoo Cave. There are still some examples of works left over from them for many years to come.

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