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Manafzadeh House

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Manafzadeh House is one of the memorials of the first period of Pahlavi which is located in Sarcheshmeh Square, Ardabil city.

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  • Address : Ardebil - Sarcheshmeh square - Rahmani Alley

The house has a is formed as a villa and is palm-shaped and is located in the courtyard. This building appears in the southern view of a floor and in the northern view of two floors.

  • Background information

    This historical house is related to the first Pahlavi era and was built in 1353 AD.
  • Specific information

    This work was registered as one of the national treasures of Iran on Feb. 12, 2002 with the registration number 7401
  • Outlook

    The area consists of large gardens with old trees and a rectangular ponds and has bricks on the facade
  • More Info

    this building is currently used as the administrative building of Ardabil Art center

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