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Masumiyeh Birjand Garden (Masoomieh Mansion)

(4 رای)

Masumiyeh Collection is located near the west of Birjand and it was built in Pahlavi era. The Masoumeh Mansion, located in front of an octagonal pool, has a polygonal plan and shines like the Neghini in the garden of Masoumiyeh.

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In this mansion, like all other monuments, all the spaces and rooms are interconnected so that it is possible to enter the building from each building.
The arches used in the crescent are of a crescent type and the exterior is decorated with bricks. Underneath this building is the basement.

  • Specific information

    This mansion from the eastern front overlooks the bay, which has a beautiful effect. The plan of the building on the eastern side has turned into a circular view and there is a balcony in front of it. In addition to the main garden, there are also two other gardens in this complex, one of which houses a simple building and the other without a mansion. The dominant plant species in this pine tree garden are fruit trees such as apricots, barberry and jujube.
  • Must know

    The main entrance of the garden is located on the eastern side, which is currently not used.

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