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Mehrabad International Airport

(48 رای)

Tehran Mehrabad International Airport (IATA: THR) also known as Tehran-Mehrabad is an airport that serves Tehran, Iran.

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  • Mehrabad International Airport
  • Mehrabad International Airport
  • Mehrabad International Airport
  • Mehrabad International Airport
Mehrabad International Airport Mehrabad International Airport Mehrabad International Airport Mehrabad International Airport مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +9821199, +982161021
  • website :
  • Address : Meraj Blvd, Foroudgah St, Tehran - Karaj (Lashkarri) Expy, Azadi Sq, Tehran, Iran

It was the primary airport of Tehran in both international and domestic passenger traffic but has been replaced by the new Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport for most of its international traffic. Mehrabad however is still by far the busiest airport in Iran in terms of passenger traffic and aircraft movements, handling 13,617,094 passengers in 2014.

  • Background information

    The airport was first time used as an airfield for aviation club planes in 1938, then after World War II along with becoming internationally recognized by joining Iran civil aviation organization to the ICAO in 1949, the airport also became an air force base.
    Newly delivered Republic F-84G Thunderjets (fighter) and Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (trainer) arrived, May 1957 and April 1956, respectively. Iranian Air Force. In 1955 just after construction of first asphalt paved runway a new terminal building (Current Terminal 1) for both international and domestic flights was designed and constructed. Among the designers of the initial modern buildings of the airport was the famous architect William Pereira.
  • Specific information

    It is capable of handling wide-body aircraft such as the Boeing 747 and Airbus A340-600. Besides, it is also being used for all the Air transports for the Heads of State and Government of Iran, which operates by Meraj Airlines in the VIP's and CIP's Terminal.
  • Must know

    All international flights have now been moved to IKA.
  • More Info

    Mehrabad International Airport consists of six terminals:
    VIP Terminal is used for Meraj Airlines for Governmental flights.
    CIP Terminal is used at passengers request and it's opened to all requests.
    Terminal 1 is only used for departures of Kish Air and Zagros Airlines.
    Terminal 2 handles all flights of Iran Air, Iran Air Tours, Meraj Airlines, Qeshm Air and Ata Airlines and for arrivals of Kish Airlines and Zagros Airlines, but all the Jet bridges are only being used for Meraj Airlines. It also used for all cargo operations.
    Terminals 4 and 6 handle departures (Terminal 4) and arrivals (Terminal 6) for all other airlines.
    Terminals 3 and 5 are only used during the peak time Hajj seasons.
    Terminal Crew is used for flight crews of all airlines.

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