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Moaleman Village

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Moaleman Village is a village in Kaviri, located in Semnan province in Iran.

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  • Address : Semnan - Damghan City - Functions of Amirabad

Moalemans' area has been on the way to Jeddag to Bidestan in the past. When crossing the road to teachers' communication with Jandag, names are displayed on the map that do not actually have physical presence. The reason for naming these areas is because of the awareness of the amount of road left. Places such as teachers, mid dock and salt dock have been among these names. Teachers' area means the end of the Desert Route, the Mid-Range, meaning half-way and salt-head loading, to mean the beginning of the path. The caravans traveled this route quickly and for a period of approximately 3 days in order to avoid sudden rains and, consequently, marshland of the desert lands.

  • Outlook

    Moaleman Village located 128 km south of Damghan city and 110 km north of Jandag, on the northern margin of the coast is the Great Salt Desert. This area is limited to the mountains of Dezina, Anar, Mount Hor and Mount Dugush from the east to the village of Bidestan, to the west to Kalateh Rashem and to the south to the Desert Pit.
  • Recommendation

    Moaleman village currently have a gas station and a security checkpoint, and the point of reference is Damghan-Jandag and Shahrood-Jandag axes.

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