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Mosjid Minaret of Urumieh

(57 رای)

Along with the absence of a minaret in the mosques of Urumieh, there is only one mosque with a long minaret known as the minaret mosque for many years. The minaret mosque is in line with the valuable and historic works of the West Azarbaijan, located on the northern side of Imam Khomeini Street and next to the old school of Hedayat.

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Urmia Minaret Mosque is located in the center of Urmia and the northern side of Imam Street, and is one of the architectural works of the Qajar period, which was made by two people from Urmia named Haji Ali Yarkhan and Haji Yadollah Khan, Amir Nazmi Afshar.
The Orumiyeh Minaret Mosque is relatively small and is a flat roofed building with wooden pillars. It also has a half-story building that shows the outside as two-story. It has minarets, tiles and decorations. The tiles used are of seven colors and are of the style of the Qajar period. The ceiling of the mosque has been cut. Materials used in building, stone and other materials are bricks.

  • Background information

    The first building of the Ornameh Minaret mosque was erected to Hadj Aliar Khan and in 1328 AH was also renovated by Yadollah Khan.
  • Specific information

    The Minaret mosque is located a short distance from the Sardar mosque in the Amir Namahimi neighborhood, due to its elite minaret by two people from the Urmia Mountains named Haj Aliar Khan and Haj Yadollah Khan Amir Nazmi Afshar.
    Another reason for the famous mosque is the absence of other mosques in the city of Urmia.
    The "Minaret" mosque with its traditional and traditional architecture has a minaret with the pattern of northwest mosques in Iran. It is a mosque of shabesty type with a wooden pavement and with an area of approximately 450 square meters without a courtyard.
  • Outlook

    This mosque, like all other mosques, has a half-story, with a half-story as a part of the women's tile and decoration of the 7th type of Qajar style. The roof of the mosque's basement was covered with wood until 1335, after which it became bridged.
    One of the most important parts of the Orumieh minaret mosque, which attracts the attention of most people and tourists due to its name, is the mosque minaret, which has a central core of a tall tree with a height of 50.22 meters on the axis of the tree trunk.

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