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Mount Nero (Nizwar or Nizwa)

(3 رای)

Nero Mount or Nizwar, located in the eastern Alborz region and north of the city of Semnan and the villages of Shahmirzad and Chashem.

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Peak Nero is a large trapezoid with bumps, each of which in turn has a fairly significant height and drawn between the villages of Khoreiyeh and Asaran on the ridge. The summit extends from the southern slopes to the Khoreiyeh Valley, from the north to the Hiko valley, from the west to the Nizwa or Nerva, and from the east to the 3046 m Evar.

  • Specific information

    One of the most beautiful and most spectacular mountainous areas of Nerva is a high plain that It has no view of the khorieyeh and valleys. This beautiful plain, called Orpalang, is on the south-eastern side of the summit, and after a while it can be reached by mountain climbing. It is spread across a plain of various plants and flowers.
  • Best time

    Best time to climb is Ordibehesht and Khordad, Mehr and Aban. Due to the coolness of the area even in the spring and summer, it is clear that the winter climb to Nerva is associated with heavy snowfall to reach the slopes. In any case, winter climb of the summit requires a sufficient amount of summer knowledge of the peaks and trails going back and recognizing the points of the turf and the equipment is sufficient.
  • Must know

    The peak is bounded to the northern side of the river Bortala by the Tajan River and the Sari forests, and from the south to Shahmirzad and from the west to the valley of the Talar river. This mountain is connected to the other peaks of the Eastern Alborz through the Galordeh peaks.

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