Mountain Qasr Hot

(34 رای)

Mount Qasr Hot with a height of 2682 meters is located in the city of Ardabil, Nayer district, Dursun Khajeh village and 10 kilometers west of the center of Nir district.

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  • Address : Ardebil-Nair- Dursun Khawaja village

  • Background information

    The eastern slopes of this mountain are known as Hassan Daghi and the western slopes known as Shrubbery.
  • Specific information

    Mountain Qasr is one of the highlands of Sabalan.
  • Outlook

    The natural pool of Ardabil Goli is located on the southern slopes of this mountain.
  • Must know

    The direction of the mountain is North-South and its geographic coordinates are 4751 and 3803 wide.
  • More Info

    Cain Dawn (Saeed Gudaki) is located 3 km south-east of it.

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