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Mountains 4465 meters

(12 رای)

Mountain is the thousandth highest peak of Kerman, located in the south of this city and in the mountainous part of Rhine. The Mount of Thousand Kerman peak is a single cone that you sailed from the north to the south, to the valley of the Ghahrood River and leads west to the Rask River.

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  • Address : Kerman - Mount of Thousand

The summit of Kermansh has surrounded the surrounding area with a tall tower. The route passes through the rocks to reach forty thousand tons after a short jump. In the north of the Jupar mountain range, on the west side of Mount Laleh Zar Kusha and in the northwest of Pulwar, the magnificent lane of Boulevard and Golchin can be seen.

  • Specific information

    One of the characteristics of the summit is the Zarrud Waterfall, which runs on the north face of the peak.
    In the south of the mountains and the sky, and at the end of the southeast, there is a glorious thunderbolt of the Bam Mountains. There is a small shrine at the summit of a thousand.
  • Best time

    The best time to climb to the summit is May.
    Mount of Thousand as the other mountains of Kerman has a stormy and cool winter. Although the winter climb is not difficult to reach over the meridian and boulder peaks, it is confronted with problems such as heavy snowfall and surprising air.
  • Must know

    From Kerman to Bam, we bring to the Rhine section. This section is located in the north of the Big Thousand Mountains, reaching the Rhine with a vehicle on a smooth road after 12 km to the Zarrud River with several households. Get out of the valley and go somewhere on the dirt road and car next to the river, one by two across the river, next to the beautiful waterfall, 3 steps 50 meters past, we reach the thousandth shelter at 3000 meters, along the river We continue to walk from the big rivulet, starting from the main northeast of the climb summit. The path rises through steep slopes with a black earth. After several times, the traverse passed along a large cliff, stepping through the height of the flat area below the cone and rocky peaks of a thousand.

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