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Mountains of Dena

(55 رای)

Dena mountain range with its numerous peaks is considered one of the main climatyas on the Zagros plateau. Among the peaks of the Dena mountain range are Dawa Valley 4350, Karsami 4260, Harawi 4300, Arawi 4310, Mash 4400, Bonn 4250, Heavenly Tower 4435, Mastan 4550, Morgagh 4420 m.


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Dena Mountain Range is part of the Zagros Dynasty, extending from the northwest to the southeast. This field is approximately 70 km long joint border of Isfahan provinces from the north and east, and Kohkiluyeh and Boyerahmad from the west and Fars from the southwest.
North of Dena is the summer residence of Qashqai tribesmen who reside there in the spring and summer and migrate in the fall each year after crossing the Arjan plain to Qir, Karzin and Kazeroun. Southwest of this field is the summer resort of Boyer-Ahmadi nomads who migrate in the autumn and winter seasons and migrate to Behbahan.
Over the course of 70 km of Dena, there are about 40 peaks over 4,000 meters, and several small and large snowstorms and small fridges, especially on the northeastern wing.

  • Specific information

    The Dena discipline has several parts from the north to the south:
    North Dena hills, Central hills and Southern hills. The division of each of these sections is based on the high crests that connect the important pitch to each other.
    The altitudes discussed in this category are located on the Dana High and High Cliffs, which are described in the description of the ascent of fit and connection to each other. From the central hills of the Morogel heights, from the north to the highlands of Tel-Gädel and the pyramids of the Lukurëa, in the southern hills of Dena and the hills of the valley, the old man, the tower, the pen, and the snow of Karomi. There are many settlements around the Dena mountain range, the most important of them is from the central part of the city of Yasuj in the western part of the al-Raz, the villages of Pathavakak, the Soppa and in the eastern part of the region, the Kemer and Kakan, and the large martyr area and the section Kahf Major in the northeastern wing of the field. The grassland water is located in the northernmost point and the village of Kemer at the southernmost point of the Dena Range.
  • Outlook

    Dowl Dahl, or Bijan, is a tall summit from the west wing, in the direction of the plain to the narrow walls of the boat, and from the north by the dashtk to the summit of 4260 m, and from there to the marsh peak and the Dhana sky Connected. The stretches along the eastern tip of the southeast from the southeast by the Bijan Qi Chan to the Bijan Corn and then to the southern hills, is bounded by the great edges of the eastern rivers to the Marbur River.
    In the northern wing of this summit, there are small snow flats, which are weathered with very beautiful ice pillars and a cave called the Ice Cave.
  • Must know

    Since the slab can be reached from the narrow paths of the boat, the edges and the Bijan Bridge, by choosing the most convenient and most accessible way, Bijan, and then planning the climb Based on the crossing of the dock to the top of the dahl. To climb this highway, select the best time possible, through the roads of Isfahan, Shahreza and Semirom, bypassing the North Face of Dena in the foothills of the whole of Qadvis and Buck from a road from which anywhere Dena can be seen in a small village C and the climber's home. A night out among the people I hear with their ears quotes from Dena and in the early morning, we will be picking up the vehicle through the roadside of Bijan. The road passes through the famous Strait and proceeds along the historical path of Padna, which leads from the Khufr to the Khakkiluyev. We pass from the famous spring, and then into the valley of the north (1), on the slopes of the rocky peaks of Si-chani with its piercing edges from the vehicle. We go from a clear path to the spit of the valley. The route passes through the shrubbery shrubs and the overturned tulips of Fars. The air is gaudy with a strange smell, and small and large snow flowing from the thirty chaos and buried in the cavities of the edges. The higher the height, the higher the airflow is added. We pass through some small fountains. The path is diverted to the left, and we are suddenly placed on a large wall above the top of the solid (2). The path is made in the form of a pathway that breaks the range of the Bijan edges, traverses to the northwest. This is the path of the nomads. They use this way every year in the middle of the spring to train their livestock to the bottom of the dock. The very small snowflake, whose tab is near the road down the road, passes into a beautiful plain below the summit of the pond (3). It is covered with flowers and plants throughout it. Clear air, blue sky and flying hawks are visible on the peaks of Dena.
    The Pyongyang Red Python alongside its fountains, which seems to have been recently made out of the snow. The peak of the dock is seen with a few small snowballs and red peaks. The wind whizzes at the top. A short break and then climb a steep slope towards the slope, increasing the slope of each moment. The wind blows over and the surrounding scenery can be seen, and we step on the 4350-meter summit. The three dunes of the sky in the north and the tipped tops of the dinosaurs in the south are well seen. The blizzards, the northern edges surround the summit, and on the west side we can see the clutter that lasted until Khuzestan. We pass from the summit to the north of Golestan and the Great Range of Dustkak, and after a gentle summit and close to the summit of the hill of Dahl, we set up a 4260-meter high summit. Then, along the ridge, we crossed over a short pedestal and then reached a steep slope at the height of 4300 meters to the western hara peak. Some of the eastward is located on the eastern Hara, at an altitude of 4310 meters above the whale river. The eastern Hara peak has beautiful scenery. From above it we look at the way that comes up here. The peak of Dowl Dahl brings with it all the beauty.

    The pyramidal peaks of the Sichuan and Bijan are beautifully seen and in the distant east of the mountain range, Ajdah, with a height of 3023 meters. The vast plains of Abadeh and Euclid are seen far away. The slopes are green and the lives of the tribes are in progress.

    We pass the Hara peak to the 4,000-meter north-facing crescent. The trapezium's huge pyramid shadows 4400 meters above the top of our head. We spend the cold night in this place (4), early in the morning through the southern edges, passing through a rocky route to the southern edge, and then, as the wind blew, we climbed it up to the summit.

    The visit of the tremendous and heavenly towers of the Three Hills and the Pyramid forever remains a profound impression of the Dena Mountains in our minds. It's as if we filmed them. Through the way to the summit, we come back a little backwards through the sandy ski slope on the northwest side of the peak directly down to the snowy spot below it. Then, on the edge of the edge, we head to a small hill, and on the other side of the hill-summit, like a coppice. The way goes all the best with mildness and after a short time leads to a peak of 4250 meters. The summit is located right below the three-lane skyline.

    After a short break, we continue to direct the route to the small bluff extending over the tower and up to its summit. This way with snowflake and a bit of climbing reaches the 4435 meter peak of the tower. The cold winds look at the scenic views of the North Dhana Mountains, such as the Ghezel Peak and the Mastan Mountains and the Lahoreh Pyramids, and south of the path that we saw today and yesterday.

    The large refrigerator is located on the north side of the summit and on the floor. A little north toward the rocky cliffs slowly slipping through the sandy skies alongside a small bluff westward with a steep slope of height to a large sandstone bar that swept across the western wall of the Dena line Covered over short and long walls, it extends from three heaths at an average height of 40,000 meters below the northern tip of Murral. Traverse the route and complete the entire roundabout of the towering tower of the Ghezel Peak. We will continue the path to the unique peak of Bonn up to a height of 4200 meters on the south face of the highest peak of Dena, the Mestan shrine, and after a while it will be over it. .

    With a short break at this point, it traverses this time by passing the traversing of the dirt from the northern wing between the two peaks of the Benno and Mastan passages, passing through the northern peak of the summit. Although today we have traveled a lot, but I'm not tired of visiting this beautiful Dana peak.
    The northern tip of the Mastan Mountain, in spite of the cold weather on which it is flowing, is a fairly good place for our tonight's tour. While we're relaxing, we do not forget the view of the sidewall of Murgl, which is in front of us. In the morning, not too short after collecting the remaining items through a rocky chimney with a gentle slope and bypassing a piece of a rocky blade, step by step on the highest peak of the Dena, the Mestan slopes. Seeing Dana's towers and rigging is enjoyable. There is a path that we have traversed in the past days.

    Once again on the North Crescent, this time, we will head down into the glacier valley through our glacier valley between Mestan and Murgal. After a while, we reach the Dena skyline below a small cluster of peaks and behind the rocky peaks of the Qibla. The landing route from this point to the Kahf Island along the path to the South Pacific has continued with a few small edges, finally reaching the beautiful Kahf Island, which lies at the foot of the Dena cliffs.
  • More Info

    Dena's high-altitude line is severely exposed to winds due to being in an area where miles around it are free from any altitude. The winds are rising especially in the winter and it is not possible to ascend to the summit through summer routes due to the fall of Bahman. However, a rocky meadow called Jabu on the left side of the Goat Valley valley and Bozkad Pollock is safer to reach the slab pond. Bahman most of the time drops the dana to the palm, and the only way to climb the dock through its eastern edge is directly.

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