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National Kental National Park

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Kental National Park with an area of 7000 hectares is located in the north of the province of East Azarbaijan and the international border with the Republic of Armenia. Kental National Park is one of the most beautiful natural and protected natural areas in East Azarbaijan.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Armenia International Border.

Kental National Park is considered to be part of the North East Coast of Kimaki Wildlife Refuge. It is also one of Leophor's important habitats in the country.

  • Specific information

    The vegetation diversity of the region is more than 450 species. The plant species are: Aras, Puddes, Maple, Khodagan, Bennet, Wild Pear, Elder, Goz, Barberry and Nastaran.
    The variety of animal species in the Kental National Park has been around 350 species, including animal species including wild and wild goats, wild goats, brown bears, wild cats, forest cats, leopards, foxes, jackals and wolves.
  • Outlook

    Kental National Park is one of the safe areas of Kayamaki Wildlife Refuge, which has rocks and tall walls that are unique in its kind and aesthetically unique in the country that can be Consider it as a geopark.
    These rocky cliffs are one of the best habitats of the whole and the goats in the region, and it is easy to see small and large herds in different parts of it. In addition to the few geopark features, the remains of the stone mills of the blue mills The old and the last days of the past has added to its cultural and tourism capabilities.
  • Must know

    Access to this area after passing through the city of Siahrood and along the border of Aras river in parallel with the border line of Armenia and Azerbaijan and in the canal valley of the outpost of the Baní Kontal environment. Mount Kamtal or Kental located on the road of Jolfa to the idolaters after the city of Siahrood and next to the village of Noje Mehr (Myjmir), which is the holy shrine of Seyyed Mohammad in the village.

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