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National Kental National Park

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Asyab Kharabe Waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in the province of East Azarbaijan, located in Jolfa city and a few kilometers from the Iranian border with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Jolfa City.

The Asyab Kharabe Waterfall or Khuorab Dayeirman, located about 27 km from Gargar (Hadi Shahr), which is located on the border of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan 5 km away from the village of Manjen Abad on the margin of Aras River on a subway road in the valley with Safa. Is.
The Asyab Kharabe Waterfall area has small and large waterfalls that flow down the top of the mountain. The water from these springs springs from the top of the mill that originates from the Kayamaki Mountains.

  • Background information

    The Asyab Kharabe was a water mill that was used by the people of the region many years ago, but now it has not been used for its destruction due to the destruction of its major parts, which is why it is known as the "rubble mill". The mill has a height of 10 meters and a floor area of 200 square meters.
  • Outlook

    The walls of the cascade of Asyab Kharabe in Jolfa ruins are covered with mosses and other aquatic plants, so that there are beautiful landscapes. Around the fountain located in the ruins of the ruins, very beautiful fig trees have created a pleasant scenery, and there are many waterfalls to the right of the valley.

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