National Park of Qatrooyeh

(21 رای)

National Park of Qatrooyeh and Bahram Gour Protected Area in the east of the city of Nayriz, on the border of Fars and Kerman, and in the political area of ​​Kerman, Yazd and Fars provinces, and is the main site of the Iranian Zebra Zebra.

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The height of the highest point of the national park is 2787 meters, its lowest point is about 1600 meters. The weather is warm and dry with precipitation about 200 mm.

  • Specific information

    Bahram Gur Protected Area is the only region in the country that has a significant and dynamic population of Iranian Iranian graves. The presence of other valuable species such as Asian Azores, Caracal, Zagrosh, Huber, and the ecological value of this vast habitat duplicates. Total and goats, rams, ewes, hogs, foxes, wolves, crosses, forest cats and Jabir are beside Qabq, Tayyou, Amaranthus and various birds of prey from other vertebrates in the region.
  • Outlook

    : Pastures in Qatrooy National Park and Bahram Gore protected area have been damaged by livestock livestock since ancient times, which will lead to a complete destruction of the habitat and severe erosion of the soil.
    Most of the protected area of Bahram Gor was high and about 22,000 hectares form a wooden vegetation. Due to climatic and topographic changes (slope, height, direction) and soil type in the region of different types of vegetation in the region, including:
    1) Forest type: It has two mezzanine, the upper mezzanine of which is the alder, cane and pancake.
    2) santonico type
    3) santonico type- Goan
    4) santonico type- Gije
    5) Gon type - Ivy - santonico
    6) Gon-Pand type – santonico
    7) Ebons santonico - Artemisia - Gon
    8) Peace-to-Peer brigade - salt
    9) Jashir Brigade - Hun - Mirhosan Hat
    10) Shorty Brigade - Artemisia
    11) An irrigated vegetation type that is about half the entire area.
    Indicator trees in the Bahram Gur protected area can be found in the Baneh tree located in Qedooni (safe area No. 1) and two trees in the bay tree near the Mahoor Bashneh Garden, which is very old and has a special position in nature Have an area.
    Regarding the natural elements of the region, especially the trees, we can name the Pearson's tree located in Hassan Abad, where a large number of people come to this place and follow the tree branches of their dreams by closing the fabric, believing that with opening Knitted fabrics are fulfilled their dreams.
  • More Info

    Qatariyah National Park has identified 58,000 hectares of 350 Iranian zebras under protection and care.
    There are about 20 villages in the area of Nil-Qatrooye Park and Bahram Gor Protected Area. Considering the dry climate of Bahram Gor protected area, the main economic activities of the villagers and natives of the livestock area are agriculture and the cultivation of such trees as pistachios and pomegranates in the next stage Providing livelihood for the villagers.
  • Pros

    The presence of rare Iranian grapes in this region has provided a very high potential for the development of natural tourism activities to the international level.

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