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Nature at the seaside

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At the seaside or suburbs of one of the cities of Mahdishhar city in Semnan province. The city of Dzhazin is due to the flow of water of Cheshmeh-e-Rudbar water and the existence of several aqueducts. It has a good development and has some areas of quantitative and qualitative development.

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  • Address : Semnan - Mahdishahr City – Drzzin

Some of its fruits are known as apricots and pomegranates. The province is famous for its rich and lush amphibians and the city of Ruby Kavir.

  • Specific information

    The city has many landmarks that unfortunately have been neglected in the past. One of the biggest sights in the city is the oldest oldest plantain in the city, with more than 800 years old in the center of the city. The Zoroastrian cemetery and Imamzadeh forty are also other spectacular works in the region.
  • Outlook

    Although high and rocky mountains begin almost from the north, the city itself does not have wide and flat terrain, but consists of hills and small mountains and more hilly hills, as well as broader valleys and almost flat planes. It is located in the southern part of the city and before its heights in a sedimentary zone. The city is famous for the ruby ruby of Semnan province, which has a relatively favorable climate of Semnan.
  • Source

    Semnan Program and Budget Office - Mehdishahr News

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