Nichshahr Chanof Castle

(41 رای)

Chanof Castle during Mirlavia Khan's procession along with Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar foundation and in 1324 AH is completed by his son. The most important decoration of the building is related to the doors and windows engraved on it.

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  • Address : Nikshahr, Lashhar section, village of Chanof

Chanov castle is located in the eastern part of the village of Chanov. The village is bordered by the north from Bampur from the south to Nikshahr and the south from the east to Parudov and from the west to Spetsk.
As it is mentioned in the inscription, most of the construction work was at the time of Mirkhir Mohammad Khan Mubarak.

  • Background information

    Castle of Chanof During the time of Mir al-Khawi Mubarak was founded at the same time as Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar, and after his son Mir-ul-Yaikhan, Khair Mohammad-Khan Mubarak has reached the ruler of Ghale-Chanof, but during his reign he has completed the castle's building. At the entrance to the castle is engraved.
    In 1324 AH, the construction of the building is completed, and by making the wooden door of the castle, Mirbhar Mohammadkhan, quotes his letters on the letters and carves them out. The inscription engraved on the entrance to the castle is as follows.
    I wrote, I do not know what I read until I'm sure I die
    Anyone who is wise to read his letter *** knows that the world of Berkeys is not.
  • Specific information

    Chanof Castle is related to the Qajar period and it was registered on March 17, 2002 with the registration number 7710 as one of the national works of Iran. The most important decorations of the building are its doors and the carved windows that have not been worked on, which have full-flowered designs of palm tree branches and others.
  • More Info

    The Mubarak dynasty was a resident of the Immigrant tribes who settled in the land of Chanov and paid it to the ruler. What is written and said can be from the Arabic countries of the Gulf of Kyrgyzstan to the land of Kerman and after a series of wars and conflicts in Kerman Mire Mubarak, the martyrs of Mubarak, emigrated to Sharak, one of the villages of Qasr-khad district. Mubarak migrated to his companions after settling in Shakar, due to the death of Sheikh Hussein, son of his son. He left the area and migrated to Chanov. Mir Mirkarov died in Chanof. After several generations, he and his children managed to rule over the castle of Chanof After his son Mir Kheirmohammadkhan, his son, Rostam Khan, succeeded him in Chanov. Another son, Sarferaz Khan, came to rule Smerich and Moses Khan to Spetsk governorate. There is nothing left over from the castle of Chanov, and most of the castle walls have been destroyed. Only a few rooms in the castle. The northern part of the eastern wall has been left at its entrance. We hope that they will be restored and protected from destruction.

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