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No 1 No Boyer Ahmed

(49 رای)

The cave of Noi, with four halls and six hundred meters in length, is one of the natural attractions of the province, located in the mountains of the Khayyaz Mountains on the border of Kuhgiluyeh and Boyerahmad - Khuzestan and at a height of 720 meters above sea level.


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The cave has nine rooms, the largest of which is 50 meters long and 25 meters wide.
The length of the cave is not 600 meters and its average width is 15 meters and its crater height is 8 meters.

  • Background information

    The cave was discovered in 1366.
    _Other information: The cave sign of the cave is taken by the natives of the tributary region below it.
    Mahoor Bouyer Ahmad (Maru Cave): Mahro Bouyer Ahmed Cave, also known as the Maru Cave, is one of the natural caves of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province. The Mahro Cave is about an hour from the old town of Khani, and the height of the cave is 250 meters from the river bed, and its crater is seen far from the eye.
  • Specific information

    Beautiful sandlogtimites and beautiful halls are seen in this cave that double its beauty. This cave is a few kilometers from Uzkola and around the village of the area.
  • More Info

    The mouth of the cave is 1 in 1 meter. It is thought to be a small and unusable place before entering, but with the arrival of it, the cave's significance can be understood

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