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Nodeh Waterfall

(28 رای)

Naddeh Khalkhal waterfall is located 4 km east of the village with the same name in Hashjin area. The village of Node is 15 km from Hashjin (the center of Khorishstem section) on the southern slope of Mount Agh Dagh (3303 m high) with a beautiful view of the waterfalls, valleys and forests, the green and beautiful head.

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  • Address : Ardebil - Nodeh Village - Mountain Range

Nodeh waterfall is flowing in the southern part of Mount Agh-dagh and at an altitude of about 2100 meters.

  • Outlook

    The height of the cascade is about 30 meters and flows down the rocky rock.
  • Recommendation

    In the southern part of this mountain and at an altitude of about 2100 meters, a spring is flowing with highly digestible water. Drinking water from this spring is accelerated in digestion and wellness.
  • More Info

    Aqq, which means white mountain, is located in the west of the village of Qarlag and in the north of the beautiful Shah Baghi village. This mountain is made up of limestone in white and is characterized by its white effect called Aghghay. In addition to the mountains, the inhabitants of the area called this mountain with other names. Hajjah is a mountain called two branches, or because of a tomb called Imam Zadeh Sultan Sayyed Mahmud, but also called the hot water. The height of this mountain is about 2500 meters above sea level.

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