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Oltan castle

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Oltan castle is the name of the old fortress in northern Ardebil province near Parsabad city.

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  • Address : Ardebil - near Pars abad

Oltan castle is built on an area of 320 thousand square meters. The fortress with its remains resemble a military fortress.

  • Background information

    This first fortress was created by the Ashkanian and was used until the 12th century AH. Considering scientific speculation, most of the buildings are buried underground.
  • Specific information

    vArchaeologists encountered a complex architectural complex belonging to different periods from the Ashkanian era to Islam while exploring the castle of Oltan Qalasi, most of which were found in the 3rd and 4th centuries and continued the architecture of the Sassani period. Several things such as tenors, multiple rooms, heaters and four niche floors have been discovered in the castles architecture .
  • Outlook

    Unfortunately, the advancing Arusha River has damaged Oltan's historic castle in the city.
  • Must know

    Oltan castle is located along Aras River and in the neighborhood of Old Oltan village.

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