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Omid Tourism City of Bushehr

(61 رای)

This village is located at the beginning of the entrance to Bushehr port, is one of the recreational complexes of this coastal city which in its first phase has become a place for the settlement, recreation and circulation of Bushehr passengers and citizens.

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With the opening of the tourism village of Omid Bushehr, a new front of the shore of Bushehr has appeared and a new capacity has been added to the recreational facilities of the center of the province. The first phase of the Bushehr Tourism Complex is 14.5 hectares, which features a new front of the coast and the sea on Bushehr.

  • Background information

    The Bushehr peninsula is obviously connected to the sea from three sides and in many years only part of the coasts of Bushehr city were used for recreation, tourism and ... and the entrance section of the city, which ended up in the sea, was not used until The authorities of Bushehr Province decided to use the other part of the Bushehr Port, which is connected to the sea, to build a tourist village.
    As the years of the year, the people of Bushehr went to limited areas of the coast of Bushehr for the purpose of exploring and recreation, especially the use of the sea, and they wished that besides the old coasts, a new beach would be added to the city of Bushehr, the Bushehr Tourism Village would like to do so. Covering Bushehr, besides the beach street, the harbor, there is also a tourist village for pleasure and use of the sea beside you.
  • Specific information

    The first phase of the tourism village of Hope has been built on the 14 hectares of Imam Ali (AS) Bushehr highway, but the entire Bushehr Tourism Village is 85 hectares and has 4 phases. By developing this project, a new perspective of the Bushehr coast at the entrance of the city We will be
  • Facilities

    green space, altarpiece, sitting and relaxation, sanitary facilities
  • More Info

    Prior to that, the entire coastline of Bushehr was dedicated to the bar about 12 km from Siadat Park to Student Park, and the rest of the shore was provided to garrisons, ports, customs and other devices, but the liberation of part of the Army's navy land and The creation of a tourism village in it, now shows a new front of the shore this time in the east of Bushehr,

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