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Pardisan Park

(25 رای)

Pardisan Park is a complex covering more than 270 hectares, located in the northwest of Tehran. It is connected to Hemmat Expressway in the north, and to Sheikh Nouri Expressway in the east.

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  • Pardisan Park
  • Pardisan Park
  • Pardisan Park
  • Pardisan Park
Pardisan Park Pardisan Park Pardisan Park Pardisan Park مشاهده گالری


  • Price : Free
  • Address : Homa Residential Area, District 2, Tehran, Iran

It is primarily an educational, research and cultural center, with the objective of environmental studies, and is a multipurpose project aimed at increasing public awareness about natural environment.

  • Background information

    The original design of the park is attributed to Ian McHarg of the University of Pennsylvania.The planning phase of the park was began by Wallace McHarg Roberts & Todd in 1975, under the reign of the last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Due to the conflicts of the 1979 Revolution, the project was suspended, and the firm was left with a large amount of debt. The final construction phase was finished after the revolution.
  • Specific information

    Several animals live in the park; including monkeys, rabbits, and the Pallas`s cats. In addition to the wildlife park, the complex contains playgrounds, a theater, and a biodiversity museum.
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